Child Maintenance Investigation – Child Support Investigation

Child Maintenance and Support

The Child Maintenance Service (CMS), which replaced the old Child Support Agency (CSA) has responsibility for assessing the level of maintenance the non-resident parent (NRP) should pay the parent with care (PWC) on behalf of the child on divorce or separation if the parents are unable to come to an agreement privately.

The calculation is based on a percentage of the NRP’s gross income declared to HMRC

12% for 1 child

16% for 2 children

19% for 3 or more children

With a reduction for shared care.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

This isn’t necessarily the case if your ex-partner is classed as a complex earner or where the NRP has deliberately hidden or diverted income.

Income can be hidden from the basic CMS calculation in many ways, such as working cash in hand, NRP director/shareholder of company & receives dividends or takes directors loans, even by diverting wages through new partners or family members.

We can investigate your former partner and compile reports that you can hand over to the CMS for your mandatory reconsideration (MR) appeal, to assist the CMS Financial Investigations Unit (FIU) Investigation or for submission to Child Maintenance Tribunal with your SSCS2 appeal form.

We understand the CMS system well and will advise honestly in all cases


Email us in the first instance with a brief description of your circumstances, and we will advise further, for free. If you do have a case, we can put together a full quotation.